10 Interesting Things – Week #1

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What Note Is Your Week Ending On?

Quickly, it is early in the morning and I have not yet had breakfast. I’m going to be doing these super-quick lists of interesting things that I bookmark throughout the week. Some of it will be music, some of it will be music related business. Other things might just be quirky little tidbits of Internet weirdness that I picked up along the way. I’ll try to do this everyweek and if you want to send me any suggestions on what to include… send it to sonic.idiot at gmail.com


  • Derek SiversMy Loss: Outstanding. I get it, I really get it.
  • Wire to the EarMusic Toys Found in the Bronx: I had to post this one, c’mon I’m about 10 minutes from the Bronx (walking distance). I’ll try to get over there sometime next week.


  • Home RecordingCollaboration?: dewhitt is looking for a collaborator for a backdoor project. My experience is that backdoor projects end-up as freebies 99% of the time, right Chris? But perhaps a rapper is looking for some exposure, you never know.
  • Tape Op Message BoardRE: Violating the “Bass in the Center of Mix” rule: Meathands is questioning whether or not Andy Wallace actually knows what he’s doing. And he might have a point?


  • RCRD_LBL – The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing: A hip little tune that I found this week by the Drums. I included it because of the very nostalgic way they used chamber sounding reverbs in their production.
  • Aquarium Drunkard – Grizzly Bear – Graceland: Indie rock group Grizzly Bear does Paul Simon. Wait, headline should read indie rock group does Paul Simon, better than Paul Simon.]



  • Kim Lajoie’s BlogObsession: OK, this actually should be under music but, I already had my music picks and Kim does explain a bit about his music production ideas in this post, plus we like Kim, I think he is a true prototype of what the future of music production will be. Cheers Kim!
  • GearslutzIs it Worth it????: Illmo wants to know is it worth it to pass his entire album through a Neve desk?

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